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i’m impressed you got in touch with the guy who added these messages, sven. that is amazing.[/quote:2kk7hhbt]
Second that. That’s why I love the guy, he knows ways in this world I wouldn’t even know they existed.

But I’m still curious who ok-ed that on a higher level. And was the full text known to this person that ok-ed it? I mean, when I read "FUCK YOU" and "WE LOVE YOU", it almost has the signature of Billy himself, since it are Smashing Pumpkins songs, and in this order it shows Billy’s twisted view on this world, as a person, and as an artist that was born from this person. I’m really cool with that.

But the other 2 texts? Meh.[/quote:2kk7hhbt]

the master cutter didn’t know the messages until I told him what these spelled out.