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Second that, manillascissor. I gave it a thought also, because of course it is somewhat big news. It might lead to someone being fired at the vinyl plant, when Billy, the band or their management/staff really jump on it. It’s a really dirty spot on a world famous release, and it’s not a very funny message also. When the "joker" had put a hidden message like "this is the best album ever bla bla bla" then it would have been kinda cool, and it would have brought a big smile to everybody’s face.

When we jump on the bandwagon right now, and bring the news frontpage, it is not for the benefit of in the long term. At this moment we will then be the messenger, and who got always shot again? Think about that…

So I’m happy a Twitter moderator with a good feeling for short and long term interests for us SPfreaks and the SP community as a whole, deleted the Twitter message at this moment. Let Billy bring it out himself, and tell us what his actions are going to be. If he wants to bring it out, that is. He knows about it, and he was not amused, and I can understand that very well. Nuff said for the moment, I guess. It remains a cool find anyway, thanks to CAIC! 8)[/quote:2b9124d3]

Wrong reasoning altogether as per journalism or publishing details.
It’s NOT a bad or negative thing per se.
I’ve got a very strange and wrong feeling about the dealing(s) with this post and everything surrounding it and the arguments posted in favor of the censoring.
I hope someone in the media picks it up as apparently SPFreaks is too afraid to do it.
But exactly SPFreaks SHOULD be the party to do it and mention this.
If not us, then who?