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i don’t know what you want us (SPfreaks) to do? we have this forum, we’ve discussed the entry, and i’ve stated it will be entered into the database. should we dwell on it? what’s left to say? the rest, right now, is pure speculation, we have to wait for the facts to come out…[/quote:21mbqojn]

that’s why you need to get this out in the open.
either per Twitter or me mailing the guys at the pressing / mastering plant and Monte and the management.
and the media.

it’s not about dwelling on a topic.
it’s about trying to find out what happened, when, where and why or how?!

the facts won’t come out of thin air if there’s no mention of this to the band or anything.
now, it’s about getting the history straight and put together.
the factual matter is correct; these are the matrix codes in our copies. these are the messages.
next stage: please explain…[/quote:21mbqojn]

it is out in the open. monte had notified the band before you had emailed them. that’s how we know billy is offended and more than likely hurt by this. this is his (imo) iconic album as a band, and it’s pissed on by some fuck either at the pressing plant or by whoever was in charge of the reissues to begin with. or, this could be some sort of a joke and billy is in on it. point being, our frontpage article would say:

Hey look at the matrix codes!


do we really want that on our FRONTPAGE? no. do we want it in the collection. ABSOLUTELY.

also, i am not friends with billy, spfreaks is not friends with billy, but i like to think of it as respecting a friends wishes. maybe that’s just me.[/quote:21mbqojn]

respect is a very very big thing in my book.
I’ve always respected BCs wishes, also when it came down to not sharing some recordings for example or not talking about stuff we discussed backstage at meetings. I’ve always honoured those wishes, of course.

I’m not saying we should address this on the front page of our site per se.

I was saying we also should not per se be POSITIVE only.
When shit hits the fan so to speak, we above all, as collectors who notice things, are the ones to speak up.

The way in which we speak up is a matter of respect.
Therefore I’m NOT advocating a front page article on this matter.
I just can not see why a post on our Twitter page would be NEGATIVE or wrong.

Even if BC himself is hurt by this piss take by some schmuck at the pressing plant, that’s the same way I feel taken aback by these messages, even as I’m not totally offended by the remarks themselves, I feel these have ‘soiled’ the landmark record SD is per se. That’s why I think it is a grave matter and unlike Arthur, I think someone SHOULD get a good talking to or get fired over these kind of ‘pranks’ on a piece of art some people have given months and months, blood, sweat and lots of tears over to produce.

With respect to the notion of respect for BC and his feelings: I think there’s a very delicate balance there between the world knowing TSP has these remarks in their run off grooves / matrix codes and/or keeping it private. I am not out on this matter. As a journalist I think differently and like to know how, why, where, when and by whom. That’s why I went out to investigate and checked with the pressing plant / mastering plant et al. And with Monte. He told me he’d check with BC to see if he’d be inclined to give a public statement or comment or a private one and he’d let me know. I will for now not go public with this as I feel it is too embarrassing for the band or BC as we don’t have a public statement from them or the record label. As we speak, I just per chance met the main lady at EMI The Netherlands and she would also try to get some information on this matter for me and asked me not to go public with this until she had gathered more information and details. So I will refrain from anything publically. Still: I think it’s a matter of professional journalism to look into things, get the relevant facts checked, get the comments from the parties involved and then see if what you’ve got it worth publishing, at large or otherwise. In this case I think the research with the label, pressing or mastering plant, per Monto towards the band / BC and so on is the best of courses to follow. Then we can see what comes out of that.