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also, as the editor in chief of NME told me: it’s no longer a private matter once you have the records in your hands and those are out there… so…[/quote:kqzb9zua]
what i meant is that if someone gets fired over this, for example, then that’s not really any of our business. and however they want to deal with this (leave it be, or try to find who’s responsible, or moving to another company to press the next sp vinyl releases, … i don’t know, whatever), they can do that in private.
and even though i do wonder what’s behind this, and also what might come of this, i still think handling this situation in private is the best way to deal with it.
the complete opposite way could be tweeting "hey, we got that cunt at the pressing plant, who put dirty words on siamese dream, fired. victory! LOOOOOOOL!".[/quote:kqzb9zua]

exactly… we mentioned it. Monte knows, BC knows. BC’s offended and hurt.
these dudes have got a major issue on their hands to deal with.
this is not taken lightly so i’ve heard.
that’s of course all private matter to be dealt with between label, band, management and pressing or mastering plants.
but, when shit hits the fan and is out there, just don’t be too surprised if someone picks up on this and goes public with the matrix code remarks.
that might be totally fucked for BC and the band and all, but that’s how it works when you put things out to the public.

now: is it up to us to go major public with these facts?
the journalist in me says: yes, if and when we’ve got the facts straight and all the info we need.
with respect to BC i would also say, yes, but not in the way you described your tweet-example, but just like we fact checked the grey Tristessa story.
does that mean we need to involve major music magazines? well, yes, as per they know their way to check rather quicker than we might be able to do these facts.
will they go live with these matters? maybe. is that a bad thing? no, if they manage to get an address and good quote from either BC or the management or whatever to set things in perspective.

on a personal note: should somebody get fired over this?
well: as we now know from Monte, BC’s aware of this and hurt.
matters are being dealt with as we speak.
that’s all in private of course and a matter of lawyers and so on.

referring back to my earlier post:
it’s a work of art per se that’s been soiled by someone.
i think there should be some decent repercussions for this.