Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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I see, only a few are anywhere near the stupidity of the one on this SD vinyl though, but then again, if they had been sent any that were similar would they have put them in that list?[/quote:3ayvab78]
i think the difference is that most of the messages on that webpage were put there by the band, and not by someone else who was trying to be funny.[/quote:3ayvab78]

A dear friend of mine is an avid collector of The Smiths.
The band is infamous for the messages in the run off grooves.
Those were VERY intentional.

I tend to remember there’s also a Nirvana 7" with a cool message in the run off groove.

All of those were done with intent.

That’s why this is so kinda mind-boggling as I can’t fathom TSP doing this or OK-ing this.

Now we at least know BC is hurt by these remarks and not happy in any way with these run off groove messages.

Just imagine what this means to the guy:
Thousands of people buy the superb sounding new 2LP of SD and get this shit in the matrix?!