Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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On Sven wrote:

Sorry, we as a site won’t highlight this. It just too immature. The twitter is just highlighting the positive of sp and collecting through spfreaks.[/quote:f2refvsz]

I REALLY beg to differ and do consider this stance to be an immature stance.

If this is per se the ideology of SPFreaks I per now and per se will refrain from being a part of this community as and per how this narrow minded policiy is being conducted.

I am very sorry to all of you and the TSP collecting world but I just can not and will not live with this kind of censorship, until someone tells me different.

Sorry, some songs are shite and we can say so. We’re NOT a clapping/applause machine.
If SPFreaks is to be about that, then without me.

Sorry. I am disgusted, utterly, by GEOFOLKERS post. Utterly DIGUSTED!!!!