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On Sven wrote:
Comparing it with other places’ prices is a very valid argument.[/quote:233yrhy7]
not if they’re asking 280 euro for it at the other place. that way everything else is a fair price.

anyway, for me, 80 euro is too expensive for what it is.
and i would have felt the same about 40 euro for the pisces iscariot deluxe edition. i thought 30 euro was already pushing it.[/quote:233yrhy7]

the last bit about PI deluxe just doesn’t compute…
a remastered cd of the album alone would be EUR 18.
a stand alone dvd with this content as in the deluxe box would be EUR 20
then the cassette and the bonus disc are virtually "for free" with a retail price of EUR 38.

prices can and will only drop on box set releases if the company can use the old(er) masters.
this material was all mastered again and especially for these releases.
the print run will not be that stunningly high either.
figure in the cost of the remastering, remixing, archive-work, design and manufacturing of the boxes and all…
i guess these are a steal at this pricing.

now for MCIS there’s even more to the deluxe box set.
plus: with four vinyls a double price when compared to SD or PI would be pretty much normal.

all in all; with all the work gone into preparation for these releases and the final production standards I still cannot find these re-issues to be overpriced by any means.