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The Thirty Three (UK Promo HUTCDJ78) didn’t it get pulled back because it was misprinted.Offical it should only be a 1 track promo cd, but they pressed it as 3 track promo cd and when they found out, they pulled it back, yet a few survived.Can anybody confirm this ? Bram, Arthur ?

I know its rare as fuck, im very happy i own a copy.[/quote:1hq0pyye]
i’m fairly certain that that wasn’t the reason. because the uk promo in the green cardboard sleeve they didn’t pull also has 3 tracks.

i’m not sure why it was pulled.
was it, really? was it not just another version of the promo?

maybe they wanted to continue releasing promos in coloured cardboard sleeves (purple for bwbw, red for 1979, blue for tonight, and then green for thirty-three)? but someone had already made the hutcdj promo?

maybe there were doubts about what was going to be the next single. i believe muzzle was planned to be the next single, but then jimmy was fired and they chose 33. maybe, somewhere in that process, they first thought 33, made the hutcdj promo, changed their mind and pulled it, and then decided to release 33 anyway?

oh well, wild guesses.

one more thing though: i’m not convinced that this is rare as fuck. ok, it’s rare, but maybe not as rare as some websites/people want to make you believe.