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What about the following CDs, does someone have more information. Are they "rare"?
– Thirty Three (UK Promo HUTCDJ78) i’ve read somewhere, this Promo was withdrawn and only little numbers where pressed. Why was it withdrawn?
– True Power, True Faith Rarities & B-Sides (Promo for the Smashing Pumpkins Digital Catalogue)
– Some of the first Australian Relaeses: Siva & I Am One


That first CD was withdrawn – not sure why, but yes, it’s rare as hell and easily overlooked.

True Power, True Faith – rare.

Siva and I Am One AU – these seem rare enough. The I Am One pops up more often, so I think more of these may have been pressed for some reason. The thing that makes these even more rare I think is trying to find ones in mint condition. They are old and many copies are quite dinged up. So if you have mint or close to mint copies, consider yourself lucky!

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