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There was a copy on eBay, it went for 150 dollars, so i guess its very rare.[/quote:30invhm1]
To me, it means that a collector is willing to pay (to) good bucks for a cd that is not even that rare. For a few dozens of bucks more he could have had the Tonight, Tonight BBC disc. Which is, compared to that "Pop Mix that-is-no-pop-mix-after-all", incredibly rare! So I would call that Pop Mix thing a little overpriced… :wink:[/quote:30invhm1]

Yes, that is your opinion, but you don’t need to slam the person who bought it. You have your impression of what’s rare, so does everyone else. They won’t always be in line. But just becuase you think that the Untitled CD isn’t rare, doesn’t make it so.

At the end of the day Conjecture reigns supreme, meaning that the value of an item is only what 1 person is willing to pay for it. Like the Rotten Apples set that is $500 that you pointed out, it probably won’t get any bids (hopefully).

And while the BBC Tonight Tonight CD is rare, my only problem with those, is this:

With those Kodak/Gold CD-R promo’s, who is to say that someone internally at the label just burned that to listen to himself/herself? Is it truly an "official" CD that was meant to be distrubted? That is my only beef with those, is that you never really know what their original intent was. Because even the Machina 2 US In-house promo was done somewhat officially, with a Virgin logo, etc. These Gold/Kodak CD-R with handwritten labels could have just been someone’s attempt at burning a CD of a song they wanted, yet it gets sold later on and now becomes an "official promo release", it just makes me skeptical, that’s all.