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Correct me if im wrong, im still a lil green since ive only collected for 1 year only, and there is a lot i dont know about. :roll:[/quote:33tyanfv]
It shows kiddo, it shows. :P

My key sentences are: "Because this song [G.L.O.W.] has no official, commercial CD equivalence! So the only way to get it on CD format, is this promo!" So, what happens here, looks like the 1994 Earphoria promo effect: not extremely rare (1,000 pressed), still very VERY expensive (up to 300-400 dollar I remember), as it was the only way to hear the unreleased songs on it. On itself the G.L.O.W. promo might not be that rare, considering its pressing numbers, but the availability of the song on CD is pretty rare in itself, and adds to the CD promo value. I hope I made it a little more clear? Besides, it’s just my thoughts about it… time can proof I’m wrong… :wink:

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