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^^ that’s a really cool cd sven! as one of a kind as it gets. you guys have some very rare stuff. here is what i can come up with

daphne descends
true power. true faith.
Q101 machina II
perfect sweden cardsleeve
batman and robin german promo
Not really one of a kind… there must be several of them, only they didn’t appear on the market. So it’s fucking rare anyway for sure! And that Batman promo… I’m jealous! Never seen it before, and I want it badly! Be proud of it, dear some pumpkins! 8)[/quote:3abasbi9]

According to the letter that came with the cd this was given/sent out as a present / business promo to an inner circle at/of Virgin Germany…
So there are bound to be several copies… somewhere between 50 and 100 maybe even.
I’ve never seen another copy hit the market…
Strangely enough though the place/dealer where I picked this up from (and the price, ha!) has always made me wonder how this gem got there in the first place, not to say why the other copies haven’t popped up in the more marketable places…

Wait and see if another pops up-
Or make me an offer I can’t refuse… ;)
No, wait- I just can’t…