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I see it from a different angle. $15 per disc is kind of normal these days.[/quote:ba7mvldw]
not if you put several discs in one package. $15 per disc is indeed kind of normal. but i wouldn’t say that $30 is normal for 2-disc releases. isn’t $20 a more common price for those?
and if you’re looking at some 10-disc releases, the price per disc is even less, and can easily drop to $5 or $6.

Also I compared it to the 279 euro EIL is currently asking.[/quote:ba7mvldw]
that’s my point: you’re comparing it to absolutely ridiculous prices elsewhere. because of their ridiculousness, i don’t see how that can be used here as a valid argument. but clearly it’s given people the perception that $100 is a steal.
that’s why i asked how you’d feel about $100 if no higher prices had been listed elsewhere. but i guess it’s hard to tell, as you can’t go back in time and test the other scenario.