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On Arthur wrote:
Comparing it with other places’ prices is a very valid argument.[/quote:2yu8qx2q]
not if they’re asking 280 euro for it at the other place. that way everything else is a fair price.

anyway, for me, 80 euro is too expensive for what it is.
and i would have felt the same about 40 euro for the pisces iscariot deluxe edition. i thought 30 euro was already pushing it.[/quote:2yu8qx2q]

i guess we won’t be able to agree on this.[/quote:2yu8qx2q]
Your way of reasoning is indeed a little beyond me. Everything else a ‘fair price’? Not in my universe, anyway. A ‘lower price’ I would call it. But not ‘fair’. I determine ‘fair’ by checking out other deluxe boxes, and their price settings. Only then I would call 80 Euro ‘fair’, for the moment.

And in your opinion, 80 Euro is still too expensive, while the difference between 60 Euro (your own suggestion) and 80 Euro is just 20 Euro? Compared to the price range we know now, with 80 Euro on the bottom end and 279 Euro on the top end, I call that peanuts. Pushing the boundaries for money reasons only where it should be about the music, and the (artful) release first. But that is just my opinion, which you don’t have to agree on of course. I’m a huge music lover, and when I really want something, I will always find that last 20 Euro somewhere to buy it. Or I wait, till it becomes cheaper (hopefully), or till my next salary comes in.

Anyway 1, another thingy. The EIL price setting is to be called ‘extreme’, if you ask me. I called it ‘very expensive’, but let me rephrase that to ‘extremely expensive’. I really wonder how many people go for that price! :lol:

And anyway 2, 80 Euro for Amazon Canada, 152 Euro for Free Record Shop and 279 Euro for EIL. Good luck hunting everybody, for the best deal! :twisted:

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