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And in your opinion, 80 Euro is still too expensive, while the difference between 60 Euro (your own suggestion) and 80 Euro is just 20 Euro? Compared to the price range we know now, with 80 Euro on the bottom end and 279 Euro on the top end, I call that peanuts.[/quote:1v81koiv]
hey, 20 euro is peanuts to a lot of people. i can piss away 20 euro and pretend it didn’t happen.
but 20 euro on top of 60 euro is a lot, relatively. that’s one third more.
no idea why you’d refer to the 279 euro here. that’s got nothing to do with it. i could start my own website and sell the reissue for 4000 euro there. but that doesn’t make the 20 euro any less when we’re comparing 60 euro to 80 euro.

this isn’t really about what i can afford, or want to spend. we’ll see about that when it is for sale… ;)

i’m convinced the price will drop though, because they’ll miss out on a lot of sales if they keep it at $100, which i still think is quite expensive for a set like this. (i really do!)
but hey, maybe they first want the $100 of everyone who doesn’t mind paying $100, and then they’ll lower the price a bit and start a second round of sales?

dunno. did i miss something about the box set? is it made out of a certain expensive materials? silk and ebony? or is it just cardboard and plastic?