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also, saying that the 2011 mix was intended to go on the pisces iscariot reissue, and that the new version from the pisces iscariot reissue was intended to go on the gish reissue bonus disc is pure speculation, right? this hasn’t been confirmed, or has it?[/quote:1x01itoe]
actually, i don’t believe that the 2011 mix was supposed to go on the pisces iscariot reissue.

the 2011 mixes on the gish reissue had this idea behind them: let the producers from then mix the song again today. this is why butch vig and kerry brown remixed a couple of songs: they were in charge of them back when they were first recorded.

the idea behind the remastered albums: remastering the album. this does not include making new mixes of the songs. (with the exception of soothe. this song was mixed again, on purpose. bc mentioned this somewhere, i remember.)
i think they simply messed up the remastering of plume. and that’s it. the remastered version didn’t get mistaken for the 2011 mix.

just my opinion. i don’t really see anything that backs up the mix up theory, so i’m not going with it. feel free to give some arguments that support the mix up theory.
i don’t have the music with me right now, so i can’t check myself, but is this mainly based on the fact that the 2011 mix sounds very similar to the original version, and then the "remaster" sounds nothing like the original? or do you have other reasons to believe the two were mixed up?

didn’t they remaster pisces iscariot after gish and siamese dream were already reissued? if so, how could the two versions get mixed up? one was already released before the other one was created.
or was the pisces iscariot remaster already done while they were still working on the gish reissue bonus disc? i didn’t think so, but i can be wrong.