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How about the video& audio quality of DVD’s?[/quote:212kofp4]

For the Gish dvd: as so old and all… it’s quite OK… i’d say and 7,5 per audio.. somehow the drums are aqwesoe but it just does not feel that the rest comes from the band or something….
The audio is much better than the bootleg I’ve had for ages…!!! :)
Rhinoceros is amazinly good for example!!! just check the amazing and massive bass ans the snare drum therein!!!—
Basically iy’s a bunch of really metal-hard rocking hippies… :)
i know this audio only but this one is better per audio and there’s video…
i’ve seen the video at the final show (aftershow)….!
this is an amazing funky and bluesy version!!!!!
Hello Hendrix— Hello Band of Gypsies!!!— :)

For the SD dvd: that one is MAYHEM as per crowdsurfers and the band is not that good there, but the sound quality is a solid 8,3 at least…
The audio is amazingly better than any bootleg of this show!