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@Sven: I’ll try to find that Today version you mentioned (or can you send it to me, maybe?), but for the moment I have an acoustic version (with cello!!!) from 1993 on top of the list. Not to be missed also I think. I Am One metal version was already included in a previous SPfreaks release, so… And I have found a cool Pissant rant version, also an I Of The Mourning with rant, so I think that will be nice to include also. Furthermore, I have 2 By Starlight versions at the moment, 1 early version from February 1995, and a slower version from UK 1997. I’ll compare it with the GM Place version, OK?

> Today: it’s the take from: Kleine Markthalle, Hamburg; sorry… i just do not have the time now to send it. it is from this show: i’ve got the video for this show and an audio transfer: SOMEWHERE… Arthur: you know my archive and all… takes some time to find this one though… if I remember correctly my transfer was a one-track even, but!: i think i know too my friend Jeroen made an edited version for me… will look for this one tomorrow!!!

> Today: cello-version is cool and OK; though: there are way cooler songs with cello :) for example: the 1993 Rhinoceros? :)

> I Am One: OK.

> By Starlight: even as this version from the GM Place doesn’t feature JC, if i’d have to pick one of the best live performances ever by TSP in terms of goosebumps and shivers and tears: it’s this take of By Starlight, for sure :)