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I found out that the guys from SPLRA just added a new song to the first ever SP show.
This show is from June 9th 1988. Last year it had "Lock Me Up" as the only song on their setlist, but now that I check, they added "Bleed". I’m guessing this is the same version as the MP version cuz it features only 1 guitar and 1 bass hence Billy and James only with a drum machine.
Interesting, I wonder how this guys got the info about Bleed played in the first SP show.[/quote:2d0lj2xi]
Funny, I recently noticed on a few other 91/92 concerts on SPLRA that indeed they somehow found out the dates of some Mashed Potatoes live tracks. For example, the second track on Mashed Potatoes, Tristessa, is actually recorded in my country Holland during the first proper tour of Smashing Pumpkins outside the USA!

On a sidenote, very soon I might be able to add another Dutch date/venue to that early 1992 tour list, believe it or not! I know the venue already, they confirmed the Smashing Pumpkins gig in person to me already, but they are looking for the date and even the concert poster of that gig, if it is still available, as a proof, as we speak… I’ll keep you posted, I’m always very excited about such discoveries… :wink:

Anyway, but now I can add a date to Bleed also, for updating (which I just did) Mashed Potatoes on our website: And I will re-check the whole of Mashed Potatoes soon to see what other live songs are dated by SPLRA. Maybe they have a direct link to the current SP Archive Guy? Thanks salkema, for pointing this out to us. VERY interesting! 8)

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