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If the grey vinyl was intentional, then great. It would make sense.

The only thing that I disagree with about the article, or what is neglected……the Nirvana Silver/Dive single was repressed as were several other Sub Pop items by Erika Records because Sub Pop was in major financial problems (close to going out of business bad). That is where all of the different variations of Bleach came into play, after the original White Vinyl version. But the key on any of those is that on the label it does say "pressed by Erika".

Luckily, we know that the Grey Tristessa doesn’t fall into this category, but Petite Discographies should know this, whether they want to admit it or not. That is why Sub Pop isn’t keen to admit it, because who wants to say in a discography "to keep ourselves in business, we had to re-press 8000 copies of Bleach on 15 different color variants"

Regardless if the grey was intended or not, the Tristessa Grey is still just as rare as it was originally. Too bad we can’t find the original pressing invoice for the 7", that’d probably clear this up immediately.[/quote:1na3irx7]

I guess I see your point, but even you acknowledge this is really not relevant with respect to the Tristessa release. The only reason the other singles were brought up is to provide evidence about Sub Pop being misleading, not getting into why, necessarily.

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