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Thanks guys, I’m sure to enjoy it lots and lots :D
And of course I’ll be taking pics & vids, need a bigger memory card for the camera! :P

Anyone know the Dresden Dolls? I’m a big fan, the Pianist/Vocalist Amanda Palmer is playing a solo gig here tomorrow which I’m going to, but today she’s meeting up with fans and hanging out with them, can’t get anyone to go with me, and I’m too shy to go on my own *doh* :P[/quote:170w7hzr]

Aww I’m a fan! I love her solo project. You should go to the meeting! Fuck shyness.[/quote:170w7hzr]
I agree, but then again I wussed out seeing Billy so..maybe I should take my own advice if there is a next time..I’m sooo scared of he’s gonna bite me or something..LOL
am I the only one afraid of this guy? and why?wtf?