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Sorry, we as a site won’t highlight this. It just too immature. The twitter is just highlighting the positive of sp and collecting through spfreaks.[/quote:2kgfhbha]
OK, this is something I want to explain here also (sorry, off topic again!).

When I set up the SPfreaks Twitter account a long time ago, this is EXACTLY what I wanted with it. So I understood this message right away, and I support it too. Let me be very clear about that. We have this forum for member opinions, interviews and articles, and we have the homepage news section where we can post any research and other news items, as long as they come from reliable and trustworthy sources. Over the years we posted several examples of myth busting news items, where egos were made, and also broken sometimes. And we will continue to do so.

So, please go check out what is going on on our Twitter account these days ( ), which tripled the daily traffic to our website from 200 something to 600 something unique visitors, in just 5 days… And we started selling t-shirts again, to cover some costs of this thingy! And also, please bear in mind that I, and with me the mods of this website dedicated to the band Smashing Pumpkins, have several other things to take into consideration, next to handling the egos of our members and visitors, when it comes to this full blown but non-commercial hobby project. OK, nuff said. :P

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