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Oh cool, luxe. How did you get to talk to Billy? What was he like back then? (Sorry for the annoying questions, I’ve just never read about anyone that talked to BC back before he was really famous).

Back to the topic…as for the people fysche is tricking into believing her…well, that’s their problem, people shouldn’t believe everything they read/hear simply because someone says so. Unless BC confirms it himself then it probably isn’t true. He may be secretive at times but he doesn’t strike me as a person that would keep such a serious relationship a secret.

By the way, if you want to hear some of these live recordings just go to almost every show from 2007 is uploaded.[/quote:2oqr2the]

Well, back in the early ’90’s the Pumpkins played in smaller venues and came to play in Santa Fe. I was out of college and on the party circuit and got tickets to both nights. It was *awesome* – there was no bad seat as it held less than 500 people. The entire show my friend kept saying "Billy keeps looking at you" and I’m like "yeah right". Afterwards, we went to the bar and I went to the bathroom. Came out and who’s sitting on a bar stool? Billy, himself. Drinking orange juice as he is allergic to alcohol. So I came up and sat down by him and we talked for a long time. Mostly about how he would get on stage and some nights the audience just was *not* into it and then other nights he’d see a person who was totally hearing them (which he said was me that night, so guess my friend was right) and it made all the difference. We also talked about their Siamese Dream tour and they had just returned from Australia and he was very animated when he talked about his wife, Chris. Said she loved it there. He asked me a lot about New Mexico and stuff like that and was the most humble, kind, and eloquent person I have ever spoken to. I had the PO Box that was used back then for fan mail and he got my address and we were pen pals for about a year. A few months after I met him they hit it *big time* due to headlining Lollapolooza (sp?) and after about a year correspondence cut off – I was getting married and finishing my graduate degree and he was *very busy*. But sometimes he’d surprise me. My friend in Florida met him and told him that I was crazy about him and fortunately I have a name that is so unusual you probably have never heard of it before – so he knew exactly who my friend was talking about. My friend says "she loves you" and about a week later I got a cocktail napkin from Billy that said " (My name), I love you, too".

All I can say about him is that he was well grounded, humble, kind, and did not appear to be into the whole rockstar genre. He was very quiet but eloquent. I am not sure he knew back then how huge they were yet to become. I stayed out until 5 AM talking with him and he was awesome. I didn’t see any of the other bandmates come out after the show. I also remember that he’d obviously showered and was wearing his usual, long-sleeved, striped shirts. He also still had a headful of hair – but this was early ’90s and I miss those days. Their PO Box that used to be maintained by their friend Laura is now gone as they get way too much mail for a friend to handle. I miss the Gen X days. . but am lucky I had them. Look on the memorabilia portion of the site as I sent a picture of the cocktail napkin to this web site. Also, he’d send me letters on crazy things – one was written on a blank invitation to a girl’s birthday party. The kind you buy in the store and fill out to send to guests. Just random stuff (of which I have saved every little thing).

Sorry this was long but I truly believe he is as nice and kind as he was then but is now wary of his private life being upset. From what I understand (and I did not hear this from him) his wife Chris just could not handle a life of fame. Kinda a double edged sword. I know that he has said in later years that he doesn’t consider himself famous.


ps/During the show he broke 3 guitar strings and rocked the house for 3 hours. Soma and Silver Fuck were the 2 best songs I heard that night. He is such a talented musician. James was pretty funny and made a lot of campy jokes.