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Are you allowed to share the pictures too?[/quote:1g3woaf0]
I guess so, they are being send to Sven. He’s doing a long article about this stuff, remember? I’ve only seen them on webcam so far. And I was very eager to bring the music out there! :lol:

Swish work guys, some of the tracks are actually really good. :) 8)[/quote:1g3woaf0]
Agree. I was astonished to see and feel the link between this and the Marked. To see the development of Billy from a young dude playing bass (already working on long epic songs!) to him in the Smashing Pumpkins.

Actually this band is called teh Flat Bodies.
Some side exerimental band. Recorded with good material[/quote:1g3woaf0]
Yeah I noticed that too. If I put all the info in order, Billy was not involved with that anymore, he had moved on already. As far as Jerome remembered, Billy played at least on all songs from Dance V1 to Ancient Times. With every bandmember leaving, they changed the name of the band. So they were called The Marinetti’s, The Flat Bodies, but also The Wedding, Pand 585 and Frozen Fountain. Those other bands made tapes also, but of course we were mostly interested in this tape with Billy playing/practising/recording with this band. At that time they were called Remove That Bible (kinda ironic, when you think of it, for a bandname with Billy being a member => must be the reason why Billy never wants to talk about it? :wink: )[/quote:1g3woaf0]

One of the things I like is that had you not mentioned Mr C., after a few tracks ye think: Sounds like The Marked. :) Thanks again. :twisted: