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i would like to call arthur to this thread. he convinced me absolute truth doesn’t exist.[/quote:3uo6a6u5]
Did I? Wow. :lol:

But yeah, I’m a firm believer that truth, in an absolute way, doesn’t exist. Never. And that’s why life is easy, if one can accept that.

Derek and me came to this subject when we discussed the rules that people make up, to make life easy and understandable. But rules change. Earth was supposed to be flat several hundred years ago, and ships would drop from earth when they sailed too far. Now we know better.

For example, we all want to know "what is the purpose of my life? Why is my very existance needed?". Just declare "there is no point in life", and even if I would have the size, the knowledge, the feelings, the silence and the noise of the universe, I cannot see, feel or know the point of it all. And it’s OK, I can accept that. Like a stone, a tree, a pig, and a drip of water has to accept it also, and doesn’t question it (as far as we know, this is no absolute truth either). And with that said, I move on and I do what I think is wise and good. :)

And this type of thinking can be implemented on everything. At least that is what I think, unless someone here can come up with something that is absolute truth. Or can give a real hint to the point of it all. Good luck!

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."