Reply To: Fox Atlanta show(s) cancelled/postponed, Jimmy ill?

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On Pipoka wrote:

To be honest, news like this scares the shit out of me. Since the cancel/postpone announcement I have been doing F5 on the SP site for hours already. And "chest discomfort" doesn’t make me happy either. I’m not in a fun mood about this at all.

Fingers crossed…[/quote:35xkke1b]

i feel exactly the same way, and it’s 1:04 pm here, i’m flying to paris tomorrow morning, i’ll have to get up at 5:50am. i would not be able to check for updates, and i’m really worried about him. hope that he is ok.

"chest disconfort" is to vague. i’m a radiology tech so "chest disconfort" is very usual in emergency radiology. and it can be caused by a several things; it can be nothing, but it also can be everything.

as you said, fingers crossed*

(see you on monday)