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ADAT is full hard disk multichannel recording… they might have transferred some to CD(R), but i guess not to tape… it needs mixing too as it’s the clean SBD multichannel pre-fader mix.[/quote:15tofh1z]
you’re probably right. but wikipedia says there is such a thing as ADAT tapes.

Alesis Digital Audio Tape or ADAT is a tape format used for simultaneously recording eight tracks of digital audio at once, onto Super VHS magnetic tape – a format similar to that used by consumer VCRs.[/quote:15tofh1z][/quote:15tofh1z]

Initially I didn’t really care about the details of this discussion, but I’m glad that this part came up. I was looking at a photo that Pearl Jam included with their collection called "Lost Dogs" that pictures what looks like old VHS cassette cases. I just assumed that it was video but thought it was odd to include that photo for an audio package. Now it all comes full circle, and for that I am just a little bit smarter. I had never heard of ADAT, but I am really pretty impressed with the technology for what it was. Then again, I am not very fluent in recording techniques, I am easily impressed :oops: