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Hey it’s okay luxe…I think it’s sad because people out there who really don’t know a good history of the pumpkins or billy, and don’t know this fyshe gal, believe this crazy rumor. Like people posting congrats and stuff on myspace, when they have no clue.

Anyways, I don’t know anything 100% because I don’t have ins anymore with people who are close to the band. But, I read somewhere that Billy stated at the Cleveland or was it Cincinatti (??) concert that he "didn’t have a wife, and was looking for a fine Ohio woman"…. and numerous times at other concerts he states he’s single.

btw, Fysche is in her early 30s..[/quote:ciouspfp]

Why does it not surprise me that she lies about her age, as well as everything else. My friend at the Asheville shows did see her and saw her leave with the band so it was a bit strange trying to understand that one.

I think that people not obsessed with Billy (like we are, not like kooky VG) know that this is way off the mark but others don’t and think "wow, she married a rock star". It’s sad but she’s savvy enough to put in the effort to keep the rumor up for those who don’t know much about him.

My personal opinion is that he has been told by his attorney to stay away from her and just not say anything to the public. He clearly did contribute to one of her books, as many rock stars did, and it would seem to me that he just doesn’t want to call her out. Also, he probably has many VGs and we’re not aware of them.

I think she probably gets backstage a lot since she’s bugged them continually over the past years and I am sure that when my friend saw her go on the bus w/ them it was before she started this marriage crap.

Thanks again for the update. I wish Billy would either marry me ( ha ha ha) or get back with Chris Fabian,k whom I think he really still loves, but that is just speculation.