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I wouldn’t say this, because i agree that all that she wants is attention, but since someone started hehehe :lol:

besides all the sites that you have refered she has one acount on livejournal, and recently i saw a comment on sp official site with a nickname that was very sugestive that it was her too, i just can’t remember now.

she’s trying to get our attention everywhere.
she even posted comments on a youtube video of the lisbon concert (she says she was there).

one thing i can tell you, if she was married to him, she wouldn’t have time to be on the internet all the time to create this nonsense webpages. (hum… if i was married to him i woudn’t spend my time on the internet :P )[/quote:99yllem6]

Yeah, if I was married to him I’d be off the Internet and also quit trying to telepathically communicate with him. I’d want it to be far more up close and personal. .

I was wondering if what you saw on their official website was a shout out to someone named "Ve". If so, I thought that might be for her, too, but it turns out Ve is a friend of theirs and she is the lady at the end of the video for "That’s The Way (My Love Is)", but it is not Veronica.

Well, as I told Ladyn, I started this thread because there are people (me and other my space fan folks) who want a place to debunk rumors about her- so if that’s not for everyone that’s cool but I want to hear what others have to say so we can keep putting a lot of her crap to rest. After the first myspace pages people were absolutely going crazy and emailing the pumpkins mailing list on myspace and then her pages all were suddenly gone. I truly think the Pumpkins camp stepped in and stopped those pages (which she now claims were hacked).

It’s crazy that she is smart enough to calculate all of these places to try and prove the authenticity of the marriage. It’s scary crazy that she’s hitting web sites like youtube and Craig’s list for her moving sale from CA to Chicago. I just wonder if people showed up for her "estate sale".

You all have given me a lot more info as to what he has said regarding his marital status since I haven’t been to any of their shows this year. Thanks for that. . and please tell us more if you like.