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Why does it not surprise me that she lies about her age, as well as everything else. My friend at the Asheville shows did see her and saw her leave with the band so it was a bit strange trying to understand that one.[/quote:wyyqljgg]

Fysche had/has ins with the band, not only was she chummy with Billy in the past, but she was with Jimmy too. By chummy I don’t mean sex, but hung out, etc. LOL.. Anyways, it doesn’t surprise me that she was at the asheville shows, she gets in backstage a lot and knows a lot of people. I believe her marriage shit started after the asheville shows, otherwise she wouldn’t be in such close promiximity to the band during those shows. And this telepathic bullshit didn’t happen yesterday, she had the same stories during the zwan era and thought that some of the djali songs were written for her, etc.[/quote:wyyqljgg]

When you say "with" Jimmy, do you mean like a girlfriend of the past? I wondered how she could claim she was in her 20’s yet has all this past w/ them.

Once again, thank you for the info. .[/quote:wyyqljgg]

NO NO NO!!! gosh I don’t want to start rumors, fysche was NEVER a girlfriend to either billy or jimmy.
what I meant was that she was chummy (friends) with Jimmy too.[/quote:wyyqljgg]

That’s what I thought as she talks about having Thanksgiving w/ Jimmy and his wife. I wonder what they all saw in her to begin with? If she is as wrapped up with herself as she is now, I can’t see them thinking much of her. She truly seems to suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Just in case we have people who skim posts.

Thanks again, Ladyn. I’m intrigued how well you know them but respect your privacy. Thanks for sharing what you do. . it is really cool to have you here.