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No problem — sorry I was so verbose. That has to be one of the best nights of my entire life. Yes, her name is Laura Ann, thanks for remembering that. They were really accessible back then. Siamese Dream didn’t come w/ lyrics so if you sent in a self-addressed envelope she’d send you back a page of typed lyrics. I don’t know if it was a joke or not but the lyrics for "Quiet" had some crazy additions. Some people speculate that the extra words in the lyrics are actually recorded in the background quietly (no pun intended) or it could of been to just mess w/ us. I will look for the lyric sheet, I have it somewhere and it was on purple paper. I know they always joked that there are no lyrics for Gish and that Billy doesn’t even know the words for each song. I also remember them saying how the back up vocals for "Bury Me" were recorded. Apparently they could not figure out good back up lyrics and while they were trying to figure it out, James ate all sorts of candy and (I think) Twinkies. He had a sugar rush and then went in there and babbled some non-intelligible words but they loved it and kept it that way. I have old VCR recordings of many interviews and such but don’t have a VCR anymore.

Yeah, when I read his auto-bio about his wedding I felt very sad for him (and her). She was his rock for a long time and it seems that he almost had to choose. Actually his entire life story that he posted was sad and it explained a lot of his angry "angst" that was so popular with the grunge sound.

I’ve only seen 1 picture of Chris ever and I’m sure it’s the one everyone else has seen too – she is standing behind Billy with her arms around him. I just assume she is a very private person.


LOL, James is crazy…I love it. Although I do like the new pumpkins sometimes I miss James and D’arcy (more so James though). I love reading/hearing old stories about the band. I loved reading the confession entries about the band and their recording process. It was interesting to know how they interacted with each other when creating their music. Thanks again.

As for him having to choose, I wonder if it really was that big of a deal. Although every relationship is different, couples like Bono and Ali have a very healthy and long lasting relationship even though Ali shuns the spotlight. I know it’s never this simple but I think if you both truly fight for things that you really want then somehow things will eventually work themselves out. After reading the confessions it just seemed like it turned into a big misunderstanding with miscommunications and failed because of circumstances.