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LOL, James is crazy…I love it. Although I do like the new pumpkins sometimes I miss James and D’arcy (more so James though). I love reading/hearing old stories about the band. I loved reading the confession entries about the band and their recording process. It was interesting to know how they interacted with each other when creating their music. Thanks again.

As for him having to choose, I wonder if it really was that big of a deal. Although every relationship is different, couples like Bono and Ali have a very healthy and long lasting relationship even though Ali shuns the spotlight. I know it’s never this simple but I think if you both truly fight for things that you really want then somehow things will eventually work themselves out. After reading the confessions it just seemed like it turned into a big misunderstanding with miscommunications and failed because of circumstances.[/quote:151oydes]

Yeah, I think in the early days James (and all of them) were less jaded. Everyone says James was quiet but he was pretty witty everytime I saw them in concert and when I saw them in interviews. I have to say that I think Jimmy looks 1000 times more healthy now and that makes me happy.

I really do not know the true reason for their divorce, just speculation. If you remember his entry on his wedding day it was like he knew it was the wrong thing but not because he didn’t love Chris but because she wasn’t "all there" – he said something like that. I felt sad for him that on his wedding day he felt as if it were a sinking ship.

It’s true, Bono and Ali have been together forever (my second favorite band) and I would say that if it were me, I’d try hard to stay in that relationship but none of us knows how it truly is and I have a feeling that as much as I *love* Billy – he is probably very intense, moody, and needs a lot of alone time. Maybe she couldn’t handle that. I wish they had stayed together. I just feel like that was his true love (he did say Muzzle was written for her). .

But what do I know? Nothing! :)