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Yeah, if I was married to him I’d be off the Internet and also quit trying to telepathically communicate with him. I’d want it to be far more up close and personal. .

I was wondering if what you saw on their official website was a shout out to someone named "Ve". If so, I thought that might be for her, too, but it turns out Ve is a friend of theirs and she is the lady at the end of the video for "That’s The Way (My Love Is)", but it is not Veronica. [/quote:w246bk03]

the nickname is sistercantyouspell and actually, after checking it, i saw that is really her, because she already got an avatar with her name and the link to her livejournal (the one that i refered). she also had a portuguese fan on her friends list and a comment on her that is another lie. i will explain.

she talks about her and billy being in portugal for some days (the concert at Oeiras Alive festival was at 9th june), and she says that in that particular night it was St. Anthony’s Feast Day (actually the day is 13th but we celebrate in the night of 12th of course :P ). If you check the tour dates, SP were preforming in Madrid that night……. :wink:

thank you for sharing your story luxe, it was nice to read that ;)[/quote:w246bk03]

Yep, you are totally right. "Sister can’t you spell" is a direct nickname for her and now knowing that they were friends it makes sense – I mean you write about what you are exposed to. . we all know the "Starla/Darla" story.

Again, I am guessing but I think she is unstable and when she saw the album come out w/ a song that had a lyric about her, she went totally nuts and made up the marriage stuff.

So cool that you debunked another one of her lies. . thanks so much!