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I really don’t know much, I use to know a little since I use to be friends with people who knew the band, I really had no ins with the band personally. This was all back in the zwan days. I knew the gossip about zwan, but it’s been three years and I really don’t know anything now, I’ve lost touch with a couple of people, one of them who is good friends with strawberry.

When I knew fysche, she was a really sweet person, so I could see why band members were interested in her and became friends with her. She was a tad "off" too, did weird things. She is smart too, you can hold an intellegent conversation with her, but I did spend time with her at concerts and even outside of zwan/sp. I haven’t talked to her in a long time (about 3-4 years), I really wasn’t best friends with her, so I didn’t know her too well. Even if I did keep some sort of friendship with her to this day, she probably would feed me this same wedding story as she is doing with everybody else.

and I do remember that thanksgiving dinner she had with jimmy back in 2001 when zwan was playiing in los angeles, that was before I knew her personally.[/quote:35tgwr5u]

Well, sounds like you know a lot more than the rest of us–which I’m grateful to hear about, so thank you! :) I knew she was friends w/ Strawberry. I really was not all that into Zwan so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it.

From what you say she probably is a nice person but clearly has some real issues. I honestly think she believes all of this. Which is pretty scary.

I just finally took a look at her video on her page and it is horrible. Some of the worst acting. And she feels the need to show skin for some reason.

I’m just happy to hear it straight from Billy’s mouth. Maybe that is why he has said nothing about it – he might very well feel sorry for her and not think she’s a threat in any way, which she probably is not in a physical sense. Plus, he probably has had many VGs in his life. .