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You just had to add on that last part didn’t you? :lol:

Luxe, do you know anymore stories concerning the other band members? I really like the one about James but I was wondering if they shared some stories about the other band members during those times. Sorry for the questions, I don’t know why but I like reading stories about the band back then. Thanks.

By the way, this is the interview with Laura Ann that I was referring to: it’s very long but a really good read. The reason for them stopping the fanclub is kind of sad but understandable, it’s just a shame that a couple of people managed to ruin it for everyone else at the time.[/quote:1c2o1sjp]

You have no idea how much I want to spill all of it. I think I edited the message 3 times before I felt it was not giving away much. I just feel very sorry for Billy.

I don’t have any other stories about the other people in the band. I never met them and it wasn’t talked about at all.

Sorry to disappoint. :)