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No problem luxe, I’m just grateful that you shared your story with me. Thank you.

Sorry about the first comment, I wasn’t trying to pry, I was just being facetious. I just didn’t realize that this whole VG thing was that big of a deal. The “I’m single and looking for a wife” banter is funny and I assumed it had nothing to do with VG. I just assumed he’s been through this before countless times and that it was just another situation to deal with.[/quote:1ks3gt60]

I would have also assumed that this was sorta the norm w/ obsessive fans, but she’s gone way over the top. I think he’s being quiet because he has to be and also because there’s no way to put a good slant on it.

I knew you were kidding and I literally want to bust out the story but can’t. Maybe at some point I can but for now I have to zip it.