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I was going to say that I don’t think those graphs are very good, when I realized that this is america we’re talking about with its questionable education, and clique-y high schools.

For instance – I was going to say I certainly enjoy Blink 182 and MCR, but I would probably place higher on the graph. But then I remember that, particularly in the US, the vast majority of fans of those bands are idiotic fangirls.

Oh well.[/quote:3lt82rby]

yeah, in America fans of those bands, esp. MCR are basically idiotic pre-teen emo fan girls.

and yeah, our high schools are clique-y. everybody has there schtick, their group they try to fit in even it requires a lot of effort on their part. hell my dumbass little brother’s dumbass friend decided he wanted to be emo when he started highschool. so he started wearing girl pants and put safety pins on his jacket and bought a pack of Green Day badges and pinned them to his hat. and as if that wasn’t gay enough he was telling everybody that he wanted to kill himslef so he would look all emo. it backfired though because another one of his friends turned him in to the counselor for shits and his first week of highschool his parents had to be called in for his dumbass lies. they wanted to kill him. :roll: :lol: