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Wow, amnesia, calm down…..

First, I don’t believe I cried about people stealing items under the table. I did post a tread wondering who got the items: machina promo, GH promo, and a Zeitgeist promo. One of which I did obtain through a website called So please don’t point your finger my way; I have been honest when you PM’d me and told you about the one I did get.

Second, stealing would not be the word I would use, but to each their own. It happens all the time and I did it twice (Untitled + Machina II tracks and Les Inedits De Aeroplane Flies High).

Final, Yes it seems it is the only way I can win, LOL. When new collectors enter the market and start buying up everthing at any cost you have to find ways to score a win once in a while. It is amazing that a person collecting for 2 years has so many great items and the few a 13 plus year collector needs are going for outragous prices. No complaints, just do what I can.

I am glad to see others pay close attention to my collection, but sorry to hit a nerve.[/quote:2dz6wo07]

The reason im annoyed about this, is the way people just ask a seller to sell them things, first of all, the seller has sometimes no idea what it is worth ( which is not our fault really) Secondly its very unfair for other people who is interested in this particular item.I could easy ask a seller if she/he wanted to sell me things " under the table" for a hefty sum of money.Money is no problem for me at all, since im doin pretty good, but there is no sport asking a seller to sell it "under the table" Not fair for the other collectors, even though ive thought about it a few times, but i cant get myself to do it, as a respect to other collectors.Its called Ebay for a thing you know, its a place where people bid.

And im truely sorry for a accusing you about the Zeitgeist promo, its just to odd, to see it in youre collection a few weeks after its was on Ebay, makes you wonder, you know, however, im sorry.

As i told you before, why dont you PM people here if you see something you want? Me, Derek, Brandon, Arthur, and Bram mostly ( unless its something nice, which is understandable if he wants it ) Got this sweet deal, if a person see something they want, the other hardcore collectors here will not make any bids, no point in outbidding each other is there.Ive seem things i wanted, but some other collector here told me if i could leave it alone cos they want it, and i do that, just ask around.Same goes with the other guys about here.They are real gentelmens.Maybe you should join the club, just pm ppl and we leave it alone, unless they see it first, its works great that way.Think about it.

Sorry for the rant.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.