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So a seller with some brain cells should ignore all offers, and let everyone bid. I’m certain that in most cases, this will give the seller a better price.[/quote:2mmgp5g2]
True. My 2 cents about this: Sniping and paying under the table are the true buyers’ diseases in this snakepit called eBay.

But in this case I think something else can be added to the story. My guts feeling says this item is not genuine, or has a questionable background at least. So the seller doesn’t want it to be on eBay too long, and the first "under the table" offer he will take. Again, just my guts feeling, since this item has an almost impossible tracklist: an October 2001 single combined with Machina II tracks that were independently released more than a year earlier… and it looks like it’s burned on a standard CD that can be bought everywhere. Most genuine promos and inhouse cds are burned on less standard, professional quality cds. But it depends on the sellers’ story about the background if it can be considered genuine. Let’s see what Bram finds out.

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