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I compared the two tracks with every known version of Machina II, and Real Love also to the version that was released on Rotten Apples.

I easily came to the conclusion that both tracks on your cd-r are sourced from the "Virgin promo" version of Machina II. The only big difference is that the very beginning of Cash Car Star seems to be missing on your cd-r. (Or is it at the end of the previous track, maybe?)

Anyway, this doesn’t help us any further if we’re discussing how "real" this cd-r is. If it actually was a Virgin promo, it makes sense that they’d use the same source they used for the Machina II promo cd-rs. On the other hand, this doesn’t prove anything: anyone can have downloaded the Virgin promo source at some point during the last years and created his own little cd-r…

Could be both, really.
My main issue with this cd-r is that it doesn’t make much sense to me.

Can you share a rip of Untitled maybe? I wonder what that track looks like.[/quote:2xv8ijqy]

from this, is it correct to conclude the tracks are NOT MP3-sourced? (as you can clearly tell from the cut-off point in frequencies)…

personally and only by my gut feeling, this cd seems quite odd to me…

MII was released and Virgin made some in-house promo’s, all sourced off the webmaster’s copy of the vinyl set.

Untitled was only released per se the eve of the penultimate show. the physical commercial release wasn’t available until fall a year later.

This: … S&item=457 infamous release made total sense as this promo was released in the marketing campaign for the GH release.
the tracks on this promotional cd make total sense.

i just can’t see any reason to put together these five tracks. not the moment in time to do it, nor the reason why? the more as i suspect the mix-down of the released Untitled version would not have been available to Virgin AFTER the approval of the final mix and mastering. thus: AFTER this release: that release/masterdisk acetate disc is clearly dated.

if and when the version of Untitled on this very 5-track promo is the same as the commercially released version, i just cannot see why Virgin would pair this track with four MII songs.

if this is a different version of Untitled on this very 5-track promo is NOT the same, this might be quite an interesting release, as for the Untitled version. then it might from late 2000. then and there including 4 tracks from MII would make sense, i guess.

let’s see what we can find out…
exciting stuff… :)