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Yeah, it doesn’t quite suit my voice (yet anyways), but it was fun to practice. Have you listened to the ‘Something to Talk About’ demo yet? Some people really like that one, guess it’s a bit easier for me.

You will always put your best voice to the style of singing you like the most… Like I told you before, that Anouk song was only meant to teach your voice, and then return to the "more softer" songs, which suit your voice indeed a bit more (so far). I was hoping that by daring to try this Anouk song, it would make you less shy in general. Becoming the next Anouk, no way. :P

Yep, that other demo is pretty good also. Personally I’m not a fan of that type of music, but that doesn’t matter. The song goes well with your voice, that’s far more important. Hey, I hope you find a band soon, to practice with mics and equipment and so in, and to stay in tune with the other members playing instruments. It’s gonna be the next level. What’s the news on that part so far?

Good luck Kit’n!

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