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I don’t know, I doubt BC would change much even if he did get married again. When he got married the first time around they were quite young and his fame hadn’t exploded yet…they probably didn’t know what they were getting into. Now he’s certainly a little bit wiser and older but I don’t think much has changed. (Actually, being completely honest, it was only a short time ago that I found out that he was no longer with Yelena so I really don’t know if he’ll ever really get married again).[/quote:1iu280y3]

i’m not sure he’d change that much if he got married. but if he became a father, i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big change, attitude-wise.

frankly, i can really easily see Billy being an old guy, single, but comfortable with it. just like he is now… he seems to be cool with being single, not too fussed about it, and joking about it :)

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