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Speaking of BC getting old, have you ever seen his father? A long time ago, he was a guest on this really dumb show "The Regis and Kathy Lee Show" (it’s now called something else). Anyway, he was on there and talked all about his girlfriend, who you saw get out of the limo w/ him and clearly it was Yelena. But even more interesting, he had his dad in the audience. His dad looked *nothing* like him and was wearing one of those shiny running suits that you see a lot of older folk wearing. If I can get my uncle to get my VCR stuff into CDs I will post the clip. I think it was from 1994, if I am remembering it right.

My point – I don’t think he gets his looks from his dad. Never seen a photo of his mother or of his siblings.

Doesn’t matter – to me he’ll be gorgeous even when he’s 100.


I actually remember seeing that when it was aired and thinking the same thing (I’m assuming you’re talking about the one that took place in ’97). The guy they were pointing to didn’t look anything like him but I remember someone posting a picture of him during the final show and thinking that the guy they showed during the interview didn’t look anything like his dad in the photos. I think his dad actually looks almost exactly like him and, according to his confessions, you can see his mom in the Siamese Dream booklet.

Here’s a photo of him from the final show: