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He did shave his head, everytime he appeared with Billy he was bald. Have you ever seen the "graceful swans of never" or "full circle" doc? Check yotube for them. Billy once posted the link to his brother’s site when he use to blog (the baby blue site) and there was a picture of him there (and some cool airbrush work). According to the confessions, his mom is the baby sitting on the moon; there is another one that could also be his mom, to me that kid kind of looks like Billy.

Wow, those are great photos. I recognized them immediately but I had never put them together as his mom. Now it makes perfect sense. Especially if you remember in his blog days about how he and his wife the day after their wedding were putting the cover art for Siamese Dream together – and mentioned something about using old photos of family & friends.

Thanks again – so cool!