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so he is a co-founder? Or was he just tore up :?:
I have never heard this claim before.

next…… … tclub.html

James trying to talk smack about Billy. I want to see video of this..and Billy better shove his dick in James’ ass and shut him the Fuck up… :twisted: :lol:
that was not very lady like of me-sorry[/quote:3ie99y9f]

both are April Fools Jokes, but quite good ones ;)

Ron lays claim to being one of the founding members of what turned out to be The Smashing Pumpkins.
Ron can lay claim to appear on the first demo tape ft. TSPs name.
BC disowns this tape and according to BC TSP start with a late 87 session between him and James with a drum machine and yeah well; Ron was around at the time, but not a "member" – things get kinda nasty and blurry and stuff then and there between several sources—
Suffice to say- BC has rewritten a lot of history from way back when- Ron’s claim might be a little bit too bold and all; he’s there on the tape, so…
Make from that what you want…?!