Reply To: The Smashing Pumpkins file lawsuit against Virgin Records

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Let’s be honest. Warners haven’t treated them that much better in terms of artistic integrity.

But it’s still not nice to hear about (the future lies in indie labels in my opinion)[/quote:y2e4m70q]

I disagree. I think the future lies in online communities, such as ours, where word of mouth and links expose us to wonderful music. Songs/bands we like. Or a community such as Napster.

Who needs a label anymore? I mean really, you can do your own CD pressings and release what you want, when you want on the Internet. I’ve never bought a CD because it was on some fucked up label, only bought it because of the music.


And yes, I was the one bitching about the iTunes release of AG. I recognize that’s where bands are heading, that doesn’t mean I like it. The whole digital thing. But as far as a band releasing their own music by themselves? I’m all for it.[/quote:y2e4m70q]

Yeah, bands releasing it by themselves is awesome. But some bands aren’t able to do that and need the backing of a label. So indie labels would be better; less stifling creatively.

Also, they probably wouldn’t release 26 versions of the same record.

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