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hmm that is interesting. it’d be kinda strange really – d’you reckon we’re big enough to get watched by them yet :lol:[/quote:ql0q02ga]
The SPfreaks Forum here? No. We exist less then 2 months only, with less than 50 members. Sweet ‘n’ cozy little board, nothing going on there, that’s what they think. Maybe in 2-3 years we’ll reach the bigger numbers and by then some rattlin’ & ramblin’ went on here I’m sure. So what do you expect for now?

The SPfreaks Collection website maybe? Yes, most probably it is browsed by people from Caroline, HUT, Delabel, Warner Brothers, Virgin of course, maybe Reprise already, and others like Chrysalis. Because that’s where the money is. The copyright, the booties info, the acetates, test pressings & inhouse promo’s that have reached the market but were not intended to be there. The Virgin copyright control people would be complete nutcases when they don’t use all that info. That’s why we never link a name of a contributor to a single item. Info? Yes. Our collecting friends in trouble? Never.

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