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heh, well said.
indeed, the french mellon collie doesn’t mention "delabel" at all.

most mellon collies were made in italy, holland and the uk, though.
i haven’t come across many french copies.

i even own a copy that was sealed and had a french sticker on it, but when i opened it, the cd said "made in holland". so even in france, at some time, they sold copies that were made elsewhere.[/quote:18q521qn]

Yeah, see, that’s my point. It’s so freaking confusing.

Thanks for your post Sven. I understand what you are saying about Delabel not issuing commercial releases, but if you reread my post, that’s not what confuses me. What confuses me is why Virgin/Hut does not print in FR. Maybe FR has some sort of high cost associated with printing CDs. I guess MCIS was so successful, they printed some in FR regardless of the cost. But again, if printing discs in FR, why not call that out on the back insert? They did this for a few of the FR singles that were printed in FR (interestingly enough, from the MCIS album). Do you see what I’m saying? It’s inconsistent.

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