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I can’t believe I’ll be at the first Black Sunshine show. Woot.

I love this limited 20th anniversary tour. It’ll be magical and special, without a doubt.

I’ll attend the Black Sunshine show, and probably purchase the White Crosses show of the following day. Or I may just purchase both. :)[/quote:2sewctxt]

And I am EXTREMELY jealous….Did I forget to mention EXTREMELY :cry:

Those who do go will have the best time I’m sure….I was fortunate enough to see one of the August shows, so I guess that my show for the year:)
I’ll be crossing my fingers for the Gish tour to come here….
However, when I was rereading Billy’s Gish diary someone said something to him about us Minnesotans not getting/understanding the Pumpkins….although that was quite a few years ago…. I’m not one of those who don’t get it… But I am one of those that doesn’t get a show here.
Have a kick ass time when you go..and I expect the full down low on it!!! and photos :wink: