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On Sven wrote:

i wasn’t missing that.

but i’m still wondering where that statement came from?
and if there are more than 25 copies, why sell "25 watermarked copies" as a fact? was there a reason to believe there were 25? or was this just plucked out of thin air?[/quote:1guth2dr]

i just meant to say there are (at least) 25 copies.
name + number on the disc…

it’s not just a random number or something.

jeez, sometimes I just am amazed at how many instances we need to get to the point. the initial reply said so – there might be more, there are 25 at least; we know of a number 30; fine, then there at least 30.
jeez… you can only say how many depending on the numbers you have. so now we get to the 30’s range. ok.

it’s only logical, but hey… oh well… jeez…